a blend of 10 amazing criteria coming as one in an incredible product:


The best quality


Our leaves are sourced from the best suppliers in the world by our expert leaf buyers who assess their quality by carefully checking variations in color, texture, and aroma. Our leaves are then cured to perfection following rigorous procedures before being transformed into the product you love


The perfect


A cut above the rest. Every leaf we process is cut to perfection based on specific guidelines to bring out its characteristic taste and offer you a tobacco above all others.


The richest


Our focus is on impeccable, natural flavor combinations that are smooth, sweet and well-balanced.

The distinctive tastes infused in our tobaccos are carefully chosen to offer you the richest gustatory journey.


The divine


Smoking is a highly sensual experience, enriched by the power of scents and delectable bouquets infused in every blend. Our tobaccos are enriched with the best aromas that will awaken your senses and transport you to a different world.


The craftsman's


Our commitment to the traditional methods and craftsmanship techniques used in leaf tobacco processing and waterpipe tobacco crafting is one of our biggest assets; one that we hold dear and place at the very core of our modus operandi.


The cutting-edge


Innovation is central to what we do as we are dedicated to building the tobacco brand of tomorrow. We are ready to take on an ever-changing world of consumer needs and by relentlessly developing our production methods.


The extensive


We know that life is all about choices, and we make sure to offer you the best and most extensive line of natural and enticing flavors to choose from. Every product offered in our line is carefully curated to enhance the unmatchable experience that is Tenbak


The uncompromisable


10bak products are subjected to strict quality control procedures and check ups. Our standards are high and never compromised. From leaves to pack, all our products are meticulously picked, packed and sealed.


The evergrowing


10bak is the fruit of years of experience in the tobacco industry. Every product we offer is the fruit of our rich heritage and is backed by extensive research, top of the line technology and expert knowledge, gained from decades in the business.


The ultimate


You can count on our products to always surprise you. Our persistent ventures in unexplored territories will always ensure a differentiation in our offering, making your journey with us a constant revelation.